Week 8 – a little after Friday

I have had techno-difficulties with my site.  Thanks to expert help, I am back up and running.

Many thanks to all of you who have been reading and commenting on my pages – I am humbled by your kind words and thoughts.

This week has been tougher than the others.  Looking at my goals staring back at me was overwhelming in terms of how far I still need to travel.  I forgot about using a knife and fork to eat the elephant.

I spent some time on the phone with my guide, Cheryl H., who assured me that it was perfectly OK to put shorter-term goals on the shapes; things achievable to look at and plan for.

It has been becoming more and more clear to me, after about week 5, that the path I had chosen to reach my DMP may well not be the right one for me.  Doing the work, attending the events, watching and studying the experts has yielded – no discernible results in terms of business-building.  Subby has been sending me message after message with alternative ideas for reaching my goals, and I’ve begun to explore them.

I am able right now to live parts of my DMP.  I am a woman of strong faith and my beliefs lead me to the observation that my God may have a very different idea of what He wants me to accomplish and where He wants me to serve.  As that purpose is at the close of my DMP and Press Release, it deserves strong consideration.

I apologize for the lateness of my submission.  Technology willing, I’ll be timely in the future.

Have a great week, Everyone.  See you in week 9 – yes?

With gratitude.  Jeanette

Week 7 – Friday

Ahhhh, the Mental Diet….  It is certainly true that, with attention, I see how much negativity rises up through the layers of concentration to bubble out the top.  It’s as though by replacing some of the negativity with positivity, the pressure within has been released and even more comes out.  For lovers of carbonated beverages, you’ve noticed how, once the cap comes off the bottle and the pressure is released, lots and lots of bubbles are released from the liquid….it’s kind of a weird analogy, but it works (for me).

It’s Friday, and until now, I have been re-starting the Diet daily.  I re-start again in the morning in the expectation of getting through an entire day, another, another, and eventually to the 7 day goal.  Being a salty sailor and retired from the medical field, my language often gets ahead of my brain….  and so I begin again.

Scroll II is a beautiful message that brings light and hope with every read.  I drink in every word (carbonated, I’m sure!!) and feel it trickle down and become a part of my cellular being.  I am so happy and grateful to have found this MasterKey and Mandino.

I’ve had a few struggles this week.  Having completed my Vision board and put shapes all over my house, I am struggling with motivation.  Perhaps it is because the reality of the board brings home to me how far I have yet to progress; both in my spiritual growth and toward my DMP.  I am also struggling again with sadness that I do not understand.

More importantly tho,, I have had successes with releasing emotions that have held me back in the past.  Working with professionals who think outside the box and work with identification and removal of old roadblocks has made a big difference.

And, wouldn’t you know, with the release of some old “stuff” today,  the perfect music of my recording has made itself known to me (no surprise there, right?) Through that making known, I have rediscovered my passion for the piano.  My childhood piano, which has accompanied me around the world to my various duty stations and sat silent is now residing in my cold and rather dark basement.  With the discovery that piano lessons are available online (my daughter laughingly informed me that I need to come into the present time) rather than having to search for a teacher to come to me, I can go to the lessons.

All that is left is talking to my husband and son about lugging that beautiful instrument upstairs and “into the light”.  I believe this is a big piece of myself that has been in cold storage for 50 years.  I am excited to begin re-exploring the world of piano music.

That’s it for this week.  See you soon, yes?



Week 6 – Friday

This has been a week of super-highs and super-lows; of ebb and flow, “catch-and-release” if you will.

My family created a haven of peace, an oasis of warmth and beauty for me by switching two rooms in the house.  Moving the sewing room to the back of the house and making a living room space in the front with open flow and space from the dining room through the living room was a great deal of work for them – and I love them dearly for it.  Clear space and flow is critical to my inner peace and now they’ve given that to me.  I sat up very late that first night – almost into the next morning – not wanting to leave my cozy warm space.

I went to sleep that night happier than I’ve been in a very long time; and woke up the next morning still feeling that beautiful feeling and went directly to my chair for that critical first cup of coffee.  (My husband makes my special brew, adds cacao, coconut oil, cinnamon, and hemp milk; then buzzes everything up in the blender.  He then delivers it to me with foam on top).

It was at that point that life intervened and crisis began.  Around the same time, an illness I have been fighting made its return known.  The week has raced by, with no time to build the Dream Board, though I was able to find some toy compasses and some “bling” to add to it at the appropriate time.  Here it is Friday night and I’m racing to catch up…….where did that “happy” feeling go?

But the really cool thing is this:  I have handled the illness, the crisis, the myriad of things that life threw at me this week with a great deal more calm than I would have prior to Masterkey.  The “happy” is still there to be found, as is my lovely, sweet space.

Subby has been working overtime this past week also, sending me thoughts, ideas and messages.  It’s amazing how well it communicates when I get out of its way.  Haanel’s lesson this week continues to bring enlightenment and I devour every word of it.

That’s it for this week – see you all soon!  Peace be our journey, friends.

Week 5 – Thursday

Wow! Oh my goodness!  I sat with a cup of coffee this morning and read through Emerson’s Essay on Compensation…..not exactly what I anticipated, but something even better!  His style and word paintings evoke a craft and a time long past – yet is spot-on in this present.

He gives words beautifully to feelings I’ve experienced, especially his words on change and growth coming from perceived loss.  Still in recovery from an event where not only I, but my husband and granddaughter experienced devastating loss, I appreciate – in retrospect – how it was a “blessing in disguise” and how we have grown from the experience.  Would that this growth could have happened without the pain, especially on the part of my granddaughter!  All we could do at the time was take one breath…..then another…..then still another, until we didn’t have to think about every one of them.  Our subconscious resumed control over respiration and other vital functions and we began our recovery.  Compensation begins in tiny steps, and we live to recover and grow further.

If you haven’t yet had the time to read the essay, you may anticipate a treat much like a deep, rich cup of cocoa or pumpkin pie with whipped cream in the fall time.

Peace be our Journey, friends.

Until next time,




Just call me Alice!  Having had the fabulous fortune to watch the entire film, “What the BLEEP” do we know?” I have to say that I’m seeing everything differently.  One of the characters asks Marlee Matin “How far do you want to go down the rabbit hole?”  (loosely quoted).  My answer is, “How far does it go?”.

I have more questions every day.  The concepts in this film changed everything for me, and I find myself wondering just how much, IF ANY, of what I believe is real.  The science is fascinating – I can’t get enough of it.  The implications to my life past, present and future are alluring…..especially if they are one and the same!  It certainly answers the old question about angels dancing on the head of a pin.

Now – to begin the choosing and changing in earnest.  The clouds of confusion are still swirling around my mind, but I can see some clarity beginning to coalesce around the edges.  The shapes, colors, promises are linking together more easily and quickly.  Connections are being formed within the neural net.  I seek different emotions and feelings with which to replace the cellular addictions keep me tethered to the past.

Don’t you just LOVE science!!


Week 3 Thursday

I’m beginning to make those connections……chore list, shapes and colors, with PPNs and the DMP, with Haanel’s marvelous teachings.  The neural connections are forming and gaining strength.  I see the future taking shape.  This is pretty darn exciting stuff!  I yearn so deeply for these changes yet I feel subby resisting the loss of those old ways of thinking.  The secret is persistence in the formation of new habits; I am persistence personified..always have been.

I must confess that I don’t understand the description and workings of the subconscious as yet.  As a scientist, I am finding it necessary to suspend belief and just go with Haanel’s descriptions in the literal sense.  That’s just me….looking for precise details and flow charts and arrows here and there.  I am in love with his prose, his ways of teaching and the lessons themselves.  I see the truths there and I want them to be my truths.

Mandino is/was (?) a genius!  My husband listens to me reading the scroll out loud each evening, and we are both enchanted by both his teachings and his prose.  We can’t wait for the new scrolls, yet we will be sorry to move on from this one.

I believe it would benefit me to spend more time in the members’ area and see what others are doing…yet my time each day is swallowed up so quickly.  I am struggling with my DMP.  The changes requested have turned it into a dry “laundry list” that even I struggle with listening to three times a day.  I have torn up the current one and am starting over, yet I see the same things happening to the new one.  Up till now, I am not understanding how to make the changes, stay within 400 words and ADD DETAIL.  I’ll keep working…  Enlightenment will surely be mine!!


Week 2 Friday

Crazy week, this.  Already I am experiencing a rhythm to each day.  A rhythm of consistency.  A rhythm of knowing, of comfort taken in the glimmerings of new and GOOD habits forming.  The growing familiarity with the rhythm of my head movements already taking hold as I read.

The craziness came in the struggle to figure out the actual address of this blog.  I have created 4 of them while following the directions given to us.  Hopefully the link I put into the comments section will prove to be valid and others will be able to find my words.  

I am in love with this process already.  I look forward with great excitement to see what the next 5 1/2 months bring.  Peace be our journey, friends.

Thanks for checking in.

With gratitude,