Humbly Grateful


This is my first attempt to actually write on this blog…also my first experience reading one.  It’s true – like Facebook, smart phones and creating my own Zoom meeting – I have avoided technology until life required it.  Well, some tech anyway.  I embraced email and Word Perfect right away because these allowed me to communicate quickly and more easily than pen and paper.

I received my MKMMA scholarship today, and am most grateful and humble to be chosen for this experience.  I bugged Davene and Dayna and Derek quite a lot during the application process because …..well, it’s technology and I am (less now!) intimidated by communicating with something that I can’t actually talk to.  My deep thanks for their patience and understanding with my anxiety in trying to figure out this Twitter-thing, the Kajabi-thing and thanks also to my friend, Hugh Jenings, for helping me to finally get this blog-thing set up on the third try.  I look forward to becoming fluent in these tools!

Seriously though, I am truly grateful to be given this chance to change my life and, thru that, change the world in some way.  It humbles me and it excites me and it will stretch me in ways I do not yet understand.  I am thrilled to be doing this with people that I don’t yet know and I look forward to establishing lifelong relationships.

With Gratitude,




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