Week 2 Friday

Crazy week, this.  Already I am experiencing a rhythm to each day.  A rhythm of consistency.  A rhythm of knowing, of comfort taken in the glimmerings of new and GOOD habits forming.  The growing familiarity with the rhythm of my head movements already taking hold as I read.

The craziness came in the struggle to figure out the actual address of this blog.  I have created 4 of them while following the directions given to us.  Hopefully the link I put into the comments section will prove to be valid and others will be able to find my words.  

I am in love with this process already.  I look forward with great excitement to see what the next 5 1/2 months bring.  Peace be our journey, friends.

Thanks for checking in.

With gratitude,





4 thoughts on “Week 2 Friday

  1. I loved your Week 1 blog too. Believe me this course is worth it. The class of 2017 believed it and made it possible for you too. Stick with it. Excited for your journey with MKE. I’m a 2015 Life member, and just checking out the new membership. Also, I do the blogroll, so I adjusted your URL so that members can find you. Enjoy the journey.

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  2. Jeanette –
    I clicked into your blog just fine from the Blog Roll. So if anyone is having difficulty doing the same, the problem is not in the Blog Roll. I will get in touch with you through Polo tomorrow and do my best to help with your press release if you don’t get help from elsewhere first.
    Trash this post, rather than approving it; no need to have it on your blog forever.

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