Week one, Day one…second attempt

So, remember I told you I was a bit afraid of new technology…..I wrote a lovely blog earlier and lost it while trying to publish.

We finally had our Master Key Kickoff webinar last evening – wow! Mark jokingly says that some people will find this to be like taking a college course.   It seemed that way, but after sitting down and going through the material today, it seems less complex and more manageable.

My thoughts, feelings and attitudes are already beginning to change a little bit.  Having gone through other programs with Mark and Davene, I expect this – and I know that it will require I step out of my comfort zone.  Having had successes in my past life, this is of some concern.  We humans don’t like being out of our comfort zones and we spend time wishing we were back there while simultaneously pedaling hard to avoid it.

Taking comfort and courage from those who have gone before and seeing their joy and purpose, I eagerly step off into the chasm, like Harrison Ford in that movie with all the snakes, knowing that the bridge is there even if I can’t see it.  I can’t wait to meet the person I will find in a few short months…..!

Check in on me now and again, will you?

With Gratitude,



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