Press Release – Arch Cape, Oregon





—by Dogporter-at-large, Gracie Lou Berry

A long-awaited event is happening today, in beautiful Arch Cape, Oregon!  After many years of anticipation and  planning, Jeanette Berry has brought her dreams and driving purpose to life!  She chose this name for her favorite flower and for her own “color” of purpose.  Given that her oldest daughter has a business in the Bremerton area also named, “Dahlia”, this seemed to “bring her daughter spiritually into this adventure” .

Dressed in jeans and green cotton shirt, sporting a multi-pocketed bright yellow apron with a large red dahlia on the front, Jeanette is ready for action.  A lifelong lover of dogs and gardening, she first built this building in her imagination, knowing deep inside that the “how to” would manifest itself and imagination would become reality.

Her shelter contains luxurious space for 20 dogs housed in 5 x 10 foot chain link sections, slatted on the sides to provide privacy and the den-like feeling that dogs love.  The bedding is thick with commercial rubber padding covered with wood shavings that are replaced daily;  the base rubber is cleaned and hosed down.  Each dog receives a large, soft bed filled with cedar shavings to provide padding for hips and elbows.  A large 50 x 50 foot building adjoining the shelter is heated and lit, with exercise areas including agility equipment training available.  Each dog, according to his or her preference for the presence of other dogs, receives 30 to 60 minutes twice a day for exercise and play.  The nearby wooded area in close proximity to the beach is the first choice when weather permits for runs and walks.

The clinic portion of the shelter contains state-of-the-art medical, surgical and anesthesia equipment, along with a lab and radiology suite for diagnostic services.  The dogs that arrive at Dahlia Dog often have physical requirements for healing and greatly improved nutrition, and the clinic stands ready to help them begin their journey to health.  A veterinary surgeon and assistant staff the clinic daily, and Jeanette finds great and creative joy in using her medical and anesthesia skills to bring comfort to her patients.  When not in the clinic, she is to be found working with the dogs in various capacities or simply sitting with them to provide companionship.  Often, this brings tears of joy to her eyes. This is a labor of love and Recognition for Creative Expression, made possible by the Liberty provided by Financial Freedom.

When queried about “how” she achieved Financial Freedom before April 14, 2021, Jeanette cryptically “explains” by saying, “it is not what I did but who I became” by engaging 20 hours of her time every week to guide others through their Hero’s Journey to achieve THEIR Definite Major Purpose.  Believing in the certainty that one must give without expectation of reciprocity in order to receive, she found that her efforts brought her reward beyond expectation, and she celebrated being a $500,000 per year earner.

Asked about what she did with her financial freedom, she told me that at that point, she fulfilled another lifelong dream of living in Falcon Cove, Oregon, where she spent so much of her life as a child and then a young woman.  With cash, on or before May 15, 2021, she bought her two-story, open-floorplan house with large kitchen and special stone counters of grey with copper highlights and room for all her favorite appliances and gadgets, With circular drive, wraparound deck, several garden beds filled with flowers and rhododendrons, and just 100 yards from the beach, the house is her exact fit! Her home is suffused with the smells of ocean and surrounding forest, and she wakes each morning ecstatically happy and peace-full.

The grounds are large enough to accommodate a 12 x 20 foot shop for her husband, a state-of-the-art greenhouse, AND a Granny Pod made of cedar that has more than enough room to hold her sewing machines and 12-foot computerized long-arm quilter as well as all her fabric and quilting supplies.  Filling the grounds with the myriad colors and textures of flowers and shrubs, and growing the fresh foods she loves fulfills her deep Pivotal Need of Recognition for Creative Expression – her soul dances and sings its existential excitement and satisfaction, while her body creates the rhythm. Seminal connection with sand and water mandates a daily liberating 30-minute walk on the beach with her husband, watching her English Mastiff Gracie (ME, your Dogporter-at-Large) lumber and cavort in the waves.  This, followed by coffee and meditation on the deck keeps her body and mind fit and brings delight!

She finds deep and incredible happiness giving of herself creatively through singing in her church choir.  Having Liberty to give freely to others, she shares 8 to 10 hours per week with those whose circumstances keep them at home; they talk, sing, or simply pray together.  Jeanette finds such fulfillment of God’s purpose through bringing happiness to others.  Exultation from strong connection with God spills from her in the music!

Having become a million dollar yearly earner before June 2022, Jeanette uses $300,000  to fulfill her dreams and gives the rest to support the dreams of others, such as her granddaughter, Ryann, to whom she gives $100,00 yearly to support  her dream of drawing and painting.  She also gives $25,000 per year to the SEER School in Sitka, AK, in gratitude for the nurturing Ryann received there, and $250,000 to ensure safe and healthy food and shelter for children all over the world.  The remaining $325,000 in 2023 was used to construct “Dahlia Dog”, and now is used for its yearly operating budget.  Once those needs are met, all monies leftover are to be used for food and shelter for the children.

Asking Jeanette what she sees the future holding for her, she replies,” I am tickled to know that I help those I have yet to meet.  I live with openness to fufill God’s plan for me and I live in love for all.  The future is a bright, open space!”