Week 3 Thursday

I’m beginning to make those connections……chore list, shapes and colors, with PPNs and the DMP, with Haanel’s marvelous teachings.  The neural connections are forming and gaining strength.  I see the future taking shape.  This is pretty darn exciting stuff!  I yearn so deeply for these changes yet I feel subby resisting the loss of those old ways of thinking.  The secret is persistence in the formation of new habits; I am persistence personified..always have been.

I must confess that I don’t understand the description and workings of the subconscious as yet.  As a scientist, I am finding it necessary to suspend belief and just go with Haanel’s descriptions in the literal sense.  That’s just me….looking for precise details and flow charts and arrows here and there.  I am in love with his prose, his ways of teaching and the lessons themselves.  I see the truths there and I want them to be my truths.

Mandino is/was (?) a genius!  My husband listens to me reading the scroll out loud each evening, and we are both enchanted by both his teachings and his prose.  We can’t wait for the new scrolls, yet we will be sorry to move on from this one.

I believe it would benefit me to spend more time in the members’ area and see what others are doing…yet my time each day is swallowed up so quickly.  I am struggling with my DMP.  The changes requested have turned it into a dry “laundry list” that even I struggle with listening to three times a day.  I have torn up the current one and am starting over, yet I see the same things happening to the new one.  Up till now, I am not understanding how to make the changes, stay within 400 words and ADD DETAIL.  I’ll keep working…  Enlightenment will surely be mine!!


7 thoughts on “Week 3 Thursday

  1. Jeannette, I am loving what you wrote! “As a scientist, I am finding it necessary to suspend belief and just go with Haanel’s descriptions in the literal sense.” Man, oh, man! I can totally relate. I have to be honest and say that some this seems a little ‘out there’ to me. I’ve even gone online to research the subconscious and how to modify it. I’m starting to see there is truth here, so I am also suspending belief and going with it. Best wishes on your continued journey.

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    1. Thank you for your comments. Let’s proceed with our suspended beliefs and see what replaces them. I was able to watch the entire film. “What the BLEEP do we know?” Have you? Now, THAT definitely “takes me down the rabbit hole”…..and I’m still falling. See if you are able to find that. Someone wrote that it is available for streaming via Amazon Prime.

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