Week 11 – Friday……almost Saturday AM

Another week where dreams come true almost effortlessly.  On Saturday last, we welcomed a new member into the family.  She is 14 years old, about 1,100 pounds, has 2 white sox and a star on her forehead.  Her coat is a true black and her name is Rita.  ( I PROMISE to post pictures soon – I’ve been so busy getting her settled, I haven’t taken many pictures).

When we bought our home in 2002, there was a barn with two 12 x 12 foot box stalls and a large grassy area down below the house and yard.  Over the years, we have filled the barn with chickens, tools, miscellaneous “stuff and things”; but I always harbored a secret hope that someday those stalls would be filled with that for which they were built – horses.  We never really talked about it, but it turns out my husband had the same secret wish.

Our youngest daughter has inherited her love for horses from me, and has in turn passed it along to our granddaughter.  When an acquaintance offered my daughter one of her horses because she was downsizing her herd, she accepted.  It’s taken a year to get the pasture fenced and the barn updated and water piped down from the house.  Last week Rita came home – just in time for Christmas.  We have all spent much of our time getting to know her and she us.  She has become so used to all of us that she is quite comfortable sticking her nose in our pockets looking for carrots and other possible treats.

As long time ago horse lovers and owners, our hearts are happy.  We love the sounds and yes, the smells.  We love that she has come to a place where she is warm and out of the weather, and where she is busily working to gain the 150-ish pounds that she needs to fill out and be healthy.

I am greatly blessed and deeply happy.  My dreams are coming true.

I love you all.  Goodnight for now.

With Gratitude,



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