Week 10 – Friday

This has been another week of dreams coming true!

My family, who noticed that I have been a bit on the sad side with the change to rainy weather and shortened daylight hours, took it upon themselves to give me two things that they knew I had been dreaming about for some time.  They changed two rooms in my house that were barely functional and turned them into a lovely, cozy living room and a beautiful and very functional sewing room.

For some time now, since our move from Sitka to WA state, I have had my sewing studio scattered throughout the living room.  With two sewing machines and desks, ironing board, cutting board and bookcases filled with fabric, there was room only for two small chairs in that space.  The dining room, with its table and chairs, filled the rest of the space.  The difficulty in this lay in the fact that there was no room for visitors.  We have  been avoiding having people to our home due to the crowded area having no place to sit and relax.

The back bedroom has been set up as a small sitting and TV room.  This was done so that we would have a spare bedroom area for our infrequent visitors.  We didn’t use it very often, though, so it was largely wasted space.

My husband, daughters, and son traded spaces and made a HUGE difference!  Our living room, while it does still have a 12-foot frame and quilting machine, is well-lit and warm.  All our favorite chairs, TV, books and movies are close at hand; mine is next to the window and has all the light I desire.

The sewing room is spacious and my machine is beneath the window.  One of the nicest features is that the heating duct is right next to my feet and legs under the sewing machine.  While lighting is still problematic, despite the several lamps I’ve clustered around the machine, my brilliant husband solved the problem this afternoon…….he will be installing a light bar in the ceiling along the length of my ironing area (which is a 6-foot dresser top).

I spent the greater part of the afternoon in there today, for the first time.  My favorite quilts are hung on the walls, my thread holder containing the rainbow of silky, shining thread hangs on the wall next to me.  The painting of Gracie Lou (the Dogporter-at-Large) that my daughter created for me hangs over the threads.  My treasures were all around me, and I went to my very happy place and lived there for several hours.

Every day I take the time to “count my blessings” and think of all the graces and blessings that have been given to me simply because I am loved….by my Creator, my husband, my children, granddaughter, and my sweet Gracie Lou.  I am gifted with beloved friends. My home is spacious enough for all the people and dogs that live here.  It is warm, dry and sits on several acres of land.  On Sunday, my daughter’s horse, Rita, will be coming to live in the renovated barn and pasture awaiting her.  Around the time of the New Year, there will be an enclosed exercise pool in the back yard.

My life is sweet and I am more grateful than I can express.  The future holds dreams and challenges and I am strong and powerful; connected to God and the universal mind that runs through us all.

I love you all.

Jeanettesewing deskcloset and cutting tablenew living room

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