Week 9 – Friday

Hello from Magical Falcon Cove, OR,

My husband and I have joined dear friends, Anne and Hugh Jenings, for a long Thanksgiving weekend – in Falcon Cove, where my DMP is based.  Just up the street from the adorable house where we are staying is the house described at length in my DMP and Press Release.  Newly on the market (again, and for the 3rd time this year), it extends its arms to us in welcome.

Walking the property and looking in the windows, I am struck anew by how natural and homelike it feels already.  The garden beds are filled with almost exactly the base plants I would put in – rhododendrons, hydrangea and hosta – and await only the splashes of color to be added from daffodils, tulips, dahlia, delphinium, lilies (many!), gladiolus, hyacinths, iris, crocus, and a myriad of wildflowers and Shasta daisies.

Circling the house from 3 sides is a lovely and wide gravel walkway lined with large rocks.  There are rock walls front and back crying for cascading colors.  As one of my gardening specialties is rock walls, this just adds to the sweetness of my dream.  A line of rhododendrons along the south property border is simply awaiting planting.

I have twice driven my car up to the garage, turned it off, and walked up to the house, taken a picture of the car, and then pulled out of the driveway as I would every day.

I have so much more material to use in my daily visualizations!  The house becomes more and more real and vivid in my imagination as it becomes a more exact match to the real thing. Walking on the deck where I have my morning coffee and meditation, smelling the scents of ocean and forest, looking at the views, touching the plants, planning furniture placement, touching the cedar shake exterior – adding actual FEELINGS AND SMELLS to my imagining – what an incredible fusion of reality and imagination! “My soul dances and sings it existential excitement and gratitude, while my body creates the rhythm” is the key phrase in my DMP.  This day have I danced, sang and created what I have dreamed into reality.

I am humbled and grateful.  I have so much for which to be thankful.  I am truly blessed with graces beyond imagining.

Wishing all of you a happy and peaceful holiday season.  Know that I love you.


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