Snow and Ice

Hello Beloved Friends,

It’s good to talk with you.  I have news and updates – the first of which is that I will not be joining you in Kauai.  I’ve written to Dayna letting her know that I have to wait until next year for the Live Event.  This is the best choice for me, and I know that you’ll all wave “hello” from the sunshine, while I’ll be waving back from here.

I am so grateful for all I’ve learned – the greatest of which is the knowledge that we are all connected and that the Positive Mental Diet really does work!!  The ability to stay positive and send that energy out to the Universe, and knowing that it will circle around back to me is proving to be my rock of stability.

Several health issues are circling around me now; issues that I had no reason to foresee.  Up till now, I would have been living in fear and in deep despair.  The new “ME” has learned to stay calm and wait until all information and factors have been collected.  Then, decisions will be made with a reasoned approach.

Friends, it’s hard to describe how HUGE and important this ability is to me.  With this, I know I will be able to stand in confidence that support will come to me from inside and from those connected to me.

I also have made the decision to return next year to the Master Key course, if space is available.  I have been distracted in so many ways that I need to return to the basics again.  The building blocks I have acquired are standing me in good stead.  I have reconfigured my DMP and it is quite different from the one with which I began.  I have chosen happiness and fulfillment in the life I am living today.  I have everything I need and, indeed, everything I wanted from an early age.  Adapting to changes in my physical status means only that I change my approach.  Subby has shown me this, and showed me that I really am living my dream – I just didn’t slow down long enough to see that!

I love you all, and I am eternally and enormously grateful for all of you!

Talk soon,






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