Tuesday – Weeks 14 and 15 – finally

Happy New Year!

Here it is again:  January; and the year lies before us, fallow and darkly rich with life and potential.  I appreciate this fact; up until this year, January has been a sad and difficult month due to the clockwork regularity of health issues and deaths within my family and community of friends.

Once again, January has reared its head with health issues and the reality of my own surgery looming nearer and nearer.  However, this year I am CERTAIN that I am facing these issues with LOVE and LIGHT, and from within the connections forged throughout these past weeks.

I must confess that I have fallen behind with the workload.  I have catching up to do. I know that with the help of you all and of our mentors, that I will do so and cross that finish line at some point.

The love and support I’ve received from this community, from Mark, Davene, Dayna, Lori, my coach Cheryl, and all of you has strengthened and sustained me.  I send all of you my love, my support and my forever-gratitude.

See you in Kauai!


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