Week 13 – Friday

Thank you so much to all of you who have been sending love and support.  It means a great deal to me!

Here we are, December 21st, the day of the great winter solstice.  This has always been a day of celebration for me……light equal to dark, finally.  The days have grown slowly and inexorably shorter, the weather colder, the sunlight’s angle changing a bit every day.  Year-by-year I watch and marvel at the changes in the earth as the sunlight changes…from greens of summer to reds and oranges in the fall, to browns and blacks of winter.  In my garden, the spent stalks of flowers and leaves provide a layer of warmth to the life beneath, as well as life to the soil as they break down over the winter months.

Beginning tomorrow, the battle between day and night swings ever so slowly to favor the day and sun.  We regain a minute or so, then more and more, until about mid-February,  the light is present when I wake up and move about my day.

I am unsure why the winter solstice generally garners less notice than that of summer; to me it’s the day life begins to return and I anticipate the life and colors of spring and summer ahead of me!

What does this have to do with the Master Key, you may ask?  Love of my land and of the gardens and growing things with which I spend so many months are a part of me – and through the Master Key, I have come to notice and more deeply appreciate the things that make me who I am and who I have always wanted to become.  The feelings are more clear, the colors sharper and more focused, my home more of a sanctuary and retreat that nurtures and feeds my inner me.

It’s quite late and that usually brings out the philosophic side of me.  I do wish you all a wonderful and happy Holiday season.  My family and I  will be celebrating Christmas together very simply this year, and I got exactly what I wanted: all my kids, spouses and grandkids and dogs together with my husband and me here at home.  Dinner and board games lie ahead; I believe this will be the most delightful Christmas yet!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!



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