Week 7 – Friday

Ahhhh, the Mental Diet….  It is certainly true that, with attention, I see how much negativity rises up through the layers of concentration to bubble out the top.  It’s as though by replacing some of the negativity with positivity, the pressure within has been released and even more comes out.  For lovers of carbonated beverages, you’ve noticed how, once the cap comes off the bottle and the pressure is released, lots and lots of bubbles are released from the liquid….it’s kind of a weird analogy, but it works (for me).

It’s Friday, and until now, I have been re-starting the Diet daily.  I re-start again in the morning in the expectation of getting through an entire day, another, another, and eventually to the 7 day goal.  Being a salty sailor and retired from the medical field, my language often gets ahead of my brain….  and so I begin again.

Scroll II is a beautiful message that brings light and hope with every read.  I drink in every word (carbonated, I’m sure!!) and feel it trickle down and become a part of my cellular being.  I am so happy and grateful to have found this MasterKey and Mandino.

I’ve had a few struggles this week.  Having completed my Vision board and put shapes all over my house, I am struggling with motivation.  Perhaps it is because the reality of the board brings home to me how far I have yet to progress; both in my spiritual growth and toward my DMP.  I am also struggling again with sadness that I do not understand.

More importantly tho,, I have had successes with releasing emotions that have held me back in the past.  Working with professionals who think outside the box and work with identification and removal of old roadblocks has made a big difference.

And, wouldn’t you know, with the release of some old “stuff” today,  the perfect music of my recording has made itself known to me (no surprise there, right?) Through that making known, I have rediscovered my passion for the piano.  My childhood piano, which has accompanied me around the world to my various duty stations and sat silent is now residing in my cold and rather dark basement.  With the discovery that piano lessons are available online (my daughter laughingly informed me that I need to come into the present time) rather than having to search for a teacher to come to me, I can go to the lessons.

All that is left is talking to my husband and son about lugging that beautiful instrument upstairs and “into the light”.  I believe this is a big piece of myself that has been in cold storage for 50 years.  I am excited to begin re-exploring the world of piano music.

That’s it for this week.  See you soon, yes?



3 thoughts on “Week 7 – Friday

  1. That’s wonderful that you’ve rediscovered your love for piano! I wish I had to patience to learn. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, as it’s good to know l’m not the only female out there with a “salty” side so to speak. Like you said, try again tomorrow and the next day…. 🙂

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  2. You wrote something about the Vision board that crystallized a feeling with my own board:
    “Perhaps it is because the reality of the board brings home to me how far I have yet to progress”.
    After I got over the rush of having the board done, I was looking at it and trying to figure out why it made me uneasy. It was because my dream was all there on paper for the world to see. And it was a good distance from where I am. Thank you for bringing that home for me.

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