Week 6 – Friday

This has been a week of super-highs and super-lows; of ebb and flow, “catch-and-release” if you will.

My family created a haven of peace, an oasis of warmth and beauty for me by switching two rooms in the house.  Moving the sewing room to the back of the house and making a living room space in the front with open flow and space from the dining room through the living room was a great deal of work for them – and I love them dearly for it.  Clear space and flow is critical to my inner peace and now they’ve given that to me.  I sat up very late that first night – almost into the next morning – not wanting to leave my cozy warm space.

I went to sleep that night happier than I’ve been in a very long time; and woke up the next morning still feeling that beautiful feeling and went directly to my chair for that critical first cup of coffee.  (My husband makes my special brew, adds cacao, coconut oil, cinnamon, and hemp milk; then buzzes everything up in the blender.  He then delivers it to me with foam on top).

It was at that point that life intervened and crisis began.  Around the same time, an illness I have been fighting made its return known.  The week has raced by, with no time to build the Dream Board, though I was able to find some toy compasses and some “bling” to add to it at the appropriate time.  Here it is Friday night and I’m racing to catch up…….where did that “happy” feeling go?

But the really cool thing is this:  I have handled the illness, the crisis, the myriad of things that life threw at me this week with a great deal more calm than I would have prior to Masterkey.  The “happy” is still there to be found, as is my lovely, sweet space.

Subby has been working overtime this past week also, sending me thoughts, ideas and messages.  It’s amazing how well it communicates when I get out of its way.  Haanel’s lesson this week continues to bring enlightenment and I devour every word of it.

That’s it for this week – see you all soon!  Peace be our journey, friends.

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